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Librarians from Hailey Public Library, Bellevue Public Library, and the Community Library in Ketchum are gathering for a demonstration during the Fourth of July Parade. Ready for some radical reading? Read the book, and share your thoughts, in conversation, with friends, at your library, or in the wilds of the open internet.

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What is the book? It is still a secret! However, keep a close eye on the floats this weekend in the July 4th parade in Hailey, Idaho for the big reveal.

The Wood River Reads website on Dreamwidth is now open for speculation and discussion for all. Sundry are welcome as well. The site is co-hosted by Wood River librarians, but open to all our far-flung readers across the globe.

What book will be chosen? We have some clues in advance of the Big Reveal on the Fourth. Enter your guesses in the comments, either here or at the local Wood River library of your choice. Some memorable lines from the book are loosely paraphrased here:

"Anxiety is not warranted at this point; you will be informed as soon as it is."
"At our age, exchanging blows to resolve our differences was out of the question."
"Drop the embellishments, and what remains will be the actual truth."

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Clue: The “true identity” of one of our young protagonists
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